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Post-16: A2 Physical Education


Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Learning Pathway:

A Level


NQF Level 3


A2 Physical Education carries on from the AS course. It is a diverse and wide ranging course. You need an obvious interest in PE and sport as well as a lively and enquiring mind. As well as being a keen performer you need to have an interest in the theory side of the subject as well. You must be willing to explore new ideas independently and be able to communicate them effectively. If you enjoy sport and sporting issues, and want to develop your all round knowledge of the subject, this course could be for you. A keen interest in Physical Education and Sport is essential if you are to achieve success in this subject. The course includes a practical element so you will be expected to actively participate in sport in your own time and work hard to improve your fitness.

Exam Board:


Course Length:

2 years including AS


To move on to the A2 course you will need a minimum of a grade D at AS level.


Written exams and practical coursework.


University or employment.


For more information contact the Head of Sixth Form, Mr Richard Harris on 00357 25 968060 or email him on

Provider Details:

St John's Secondary School

Course Updated:

4th August 2010