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Post-14: GCSE Science (Double Award)


Science and Mathematics

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NQF Level 2


All students study for 2 GCSEs in Science. In Year 10 all students will take AQA Science A and in Year 11 AQA Additional Science. The Year 10 course is examined through a series of module tests. These cover the 6 units: Biology 1a: Human Biology Biology 1b: Evolution and Environment Chemistry 1a: Products from Rocks Chemistry 1b: Oils, Earth and Atmosphere Physics 1a: Energy and Electricity Physics 1b: Radiation and the Universe The Year 11 course provides the second GCSE grade: The content of the Additional Science course follows on from that of GCSE Science, and the internal assessment follows the same model as used for Science A. However, the emphasis of this specification, is somewhat different. Whereas GCSE Science A emphasises evaluating evidence and the implications of science for society, Additional Science has a greater emphasis on explaining, theorising and modelling in science.

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Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

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2 years


YEAR 10: Module tests take place in November, March and June and each one counts for 12.5% of the overall GCSE mark. In addition there is an internally assessed unit in which students are examined on experimental work conducted in class. In YEAR 11 there are three 45 minute written papers with structured questions, one paper for each of Biology 2, Chemistry 2 and Physics 2. Each paper counts for 25% of the final GCSE grade, with the internally assessed coursework accounting for the final 25%.


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St John's Secondary School

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4th August 2010