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Post-14: GCSE German


Languages, Literature and Culture

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NQF Level 2


The principal aim of the course is to develop the ability to understand and use the language effectively for the purpose of practical communication. Students should develop the ability to: Listen to and understand German spoken by a native speaker at near normal speed in everyday authentic situations. Speak German and make themselves understood by a native speaker in a variety of practical everyday situations. Read and understand the important details in such things as signs, advertisements, menus, short newspaper articles, weather reports and letters. Write German and convey information of a practical everyday nature and express ideas, attitudes, personal feelings and opinions.

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Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

Course Length:

2 years


Examination and coursework


Full time


Learning a new foreign language can open many doors, whether you are doing business internationally, boosting your career prospects or just travelling to another country. In our global world, more and more companies are training staff in foreign languages. A GCSE in a language gives you a vital head start. There is also a possibility of combining your GCSE with a certificate in another language.

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King's Secondary School

Course Updated:

11th August 2010