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Post-14: GCSE Science (Additional Applied)


Science and Mathematics

Learning Pathway:



NQF Level 2


This course is taken in Year 11 and follow on from the Core Science GCSE taken in Year 10. This is a less traditional course that is aimed at those students who achieve a C grade or less in Core Science. It is based on three units. Unit 1 covers science in the workplace, Unit 2 is the main content where we study sports science, forensic science and food science. Unit 3 is the investigative unit where students carry out research on a particular topic. The course is assessed through an examination, and an externally moderated portfolio.

Exam Board:

Assessment and Qualifications Alliance

Course Length:

1 year


Exam and portfolio.


The new Science curriculum allows a more diverse range of specifications from all of the exam boards. The different exam boards are offering quite different specifications, giving pupils and teachers more choice. This is great if you donít move during KS4! Heads of Science from SCE schools have been worked closely together on the change over of the curriculum and all are using AQA exam board, thereby increasing the chance that pupils leaving us or coming to us will have done the same specification. For more information contact King Richards School on 00357 2474 4776 or visit their website at

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King Richard Secondary School

Course Updated:

4th August 2010