Welcome to Service Children's Education

This page is now the landing and re-direct page of Service Children's Education, on viewing this page you will be re-directed to the new SCE web site after 60 seconds, the SCE web site is now integrated in the UK's Ministry of Defence web site

The delay will help you decide which other SCE web sites you wish to visit, such as SCE vacancies, SCE Children's Mobility, "You Choose 2 Learn" the SCE and its partnerships 14-19 strategy and SCE's Arts web site which showcases SCE children's talents in the Arts.


SCE is an Agency of the MOD and is dedicated to the education of the children of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, MOD Personnel and sponsored organisations overseas.

SCE Vacancies

SCE is an equal opportunites employer and is fully committed to equal opportunity policies. Applicants are welcome from anyone who meets the stated requirements, to view current vacancies please visit the site.

14-19 strategy

"You Choose 2 Learn" is the SCE and its associate partnerships web site, and is designed to make it easy for you to find courses in your area and at whatever level you're at across the 14-19 age range.

SCE Mobility

This web site, sponsored by NCSL and supported by SCISS and CEAS, has been created for students, parents, all school staff and leaders to assist in school transitions wherever you are in the world.

SCE Deployment

This site contains a set of resources that is freely available to schools and support services that work with military communities affected by deployment

SCE Arts

This creative web site is a reflection of the inspiring arts work and opportunities that SCE and its students share, our website is a collaborative showcasing of the achievements and passion for the arts by our students.