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2nd July to 6th July 2012

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Celebrating Dance, Let's Dance

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Deutsche Bank Playing Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, an Arts Review by Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

  ‘Romeo and Juliet' is one of Shakespeare's best and most loved plays. There have been films and books based around the true love which is shared between Romeo and Juliet. The emotive language used throughout makes it a wonderful expression of the ideas of loyalty... (read more...)

SCE Arts Award Success by The SCE Arts Projects Team

Windsor and King's Secondary Schools had a 100% success in the SCE Arts Awards Moderation on June 8th 2013. Corrie Lunghi, Arts Awards Moderator from Arts Council England moderated the files of the young people.52 students were successful, all gained Shakespeare Challenge... (read more...)

Wicked, An Arts Review By Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

Wicked is a truly amazing show and it tells the story of before Dorothy came to Oz; when 'Glinda, The Good Witch' and 'The Wicked Witch of the West' were simply Galinda and Elphaba, two students at Shiz University. The two are enemies at first, making the fact... (read more...)

Much Ado About Nothing, An Arts Review By Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

Much Ado About Nothing tells a story of love, deception, pain and wit. The performance begins with a scene from a battle, in which a criminal is captured; then, we are taken to the house of Leonato, a wealthy man and brother to sinister Don John. Don... (read more...)

Jersey Boys, An Arts Review by Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

Oh What A Night! The beginning number to this dream of a show and the perfect way to sum up the night I spent watching this musical. Jersey Boys is based on the rise to fame of the world famous group The Four Seasons; it tells the story... (read more...)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, An Arts Review by Jemma Thompson

: Wednesday, 15th December 2010

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

I am not a big Harry fan: I gave up reading the books when I was younger and I don’t even bother buying the DVDs anymore, but the premise and execution of the films on the big screen has always been something that I have found quite enjoyable. I’m not one to jump up and down at the sight of Daniel Radcliffe or Rupert Grint, but it is clear to see how both the boys along with co-star Emma Watson have evolved as young actors and how far they have come since the beginning of this series. Their performances in this film are both engaging and impressive, particularly Watson’s emotional run-in with Helena Bonham Carter’s mischievous character, Bellatrix.

Unfortunately, like most films based on books, it is clear that the film is not entirely true to the novel. I have not read the series, but it is even obvious to a non-reader how certain elements are not explored as well as they are in the books, most noticeably, the unconvincing romances between Harry and Ginny, as well as Ron and Hermione, which leave fans feeling cheated and disappointed.

However, with heart-stopping action from start to finish, this film is no exception to the usual thrills and excitement this series generates in fans, and there’s always the quirky remarks from Ron and the one or two silly spells that “complete” the film and keep us smiling!

To close, an enjoyable watch and a treat for fans and even non-fans alike! Go and see it; it’s Harry Potter after all!

By Jemma Thompson
Yr 13 Student, Windsor Secondary School

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