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2nd July to 6th July 2012

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Celebrating Dance, Let's Dance

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Deutsche Bank Playing Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet, an Arts Review by Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

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SCE Arts Award Success by The SCE Arts Projects Team

Windsor and King's Secondary Schools had a 100% success in the SCE Arts Awards Moderation on June 8th 2013. Corrie Lunghi, Arts Awards Moderator from Arts Council England moderated the files of the young people.52 students were successful, all gained Shakespeare Challenge... (read more...)

Wicked, An Arts Review By Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

Wicked is a truly amazing show and it tells the story of before Dorothy came to Oz; when 'Glinda, The Good Witch' and 'The Wicked Witch of the West' were simply Galinda and Elphaba, two students at Shiz University. The two are enemies at first, making the fact... (read more...)

Much Ado About Nothing, An Arts Review By Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

Much Ado About Nothing tells a story of love, deception, pain and wit. The performance begins with a scene from a battle, in which a criminal is captured; then, we are taken to the house of Leonato, a wealthy man and brother to sinister Don John. Don... (read more...)

Jersey Boys, An Arts Review by Charlotte Coole by King's Secondary School

Oh What A Night! The beginning number to this dream of a show and the perfect way to sum up the night I spent watching this musical. Jersey Boys is based on the rise to fame of the world famous group The Four Seasons; it tells the story... (read more...)

Mama Mia, An Arts Review by Elizabeth Dunbar

: Monday, 15th November 2010

Production Poster

Production Poster

I went to see Mama Mia the stage show.  It was exactly like the film, only better.  The acting and the singing were really good.  The show was based around the songs of ABBA.  ABBA were a Swedish band who won the Eurovision song contest in 1974 with a song called “Waterloo”. 

The band became world famous, with songs like “Take a chance on me”, “ Voulez-vous”, “the winner takes it all” and my personal favourite “Dancing Queen”  which took ABBA to number one in America.  So far they have sold over 350 million albums world wide.   I still admire ABBA's music even though they spilt up and stopped witting new songs a long time ago. “Mama Mia” was first shown in 1999 – the year that I was born!  It doesn't seem as though it is that old, it’s as though it was just written yesterday.

“A mother a daughter, three possible Dads and a trip down the aisle you'll never forget!”

The story is about Sophie Sheridan (Miria Parvin) who has been brought up by her single mother, Donna (Judy Craymer), on a Greek island.  Now Sophie is 20 years old and about to get married. Three months before the wedding however, she finds her mother's diary from the year that she was born. It contains the information about 3 men that Donna Met over the summer who could possibly be her father. She secretly invites the three men, Harry Bright (Matthew Cammelle), Bill Austin (Charles Daish) and Sam Carmichael (Cameron Blakely), to her wedding.  The story unfolds to with hilarious consequences!

I wondered how they would make a Greek island on the stage.  They used special lights to create the ripples of the water on the backdrop and had a simple but special set that could be moved about    to represent different scenes.  The actors moved props about including tables and chairs a bed and the bow of a boat.  The actors even get changed on the stage.  It was especially funny when Sky, Sophie's fiancé, takes off his clothes to put on a wet suit, snorkel and flippers!

The dancing really helped to tell the story and added excitement comedy and drama to the whole play. Let’s face it the ABBA songs make everyone really want to dance and sing!  When the play had finished the main characters came back on stage in outrageous 70's outfits and enormous platform shoes, to sing the first song that ABBA released “Waterloo”.  The Audience were cheering and singing along as well as “dancing in the aisles”.  It was excellent. 

I would defiantly recommend this show to anyone who is an ABBA fan, or who likes Mamma Mia the film. I really enjoyed it and I hope that you will to.

By Elizabeth Dunbar
Year 7 Student, Windsor Secondary School

The Mama Mia International website

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