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2nd July to 6th July 2012

Theme for this year
Celebrating Dance, Let's Dance

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Dance for Afghan In Partnership

: Friday, 12th November 2010

Chesca Ferguson, Gold Award Student

Chesca Ferguson, Gold Award Student

Chesca Ferguson a Sixth Form student at Windsor School is working hard with her team to finish the arrangements for her Gold Arts Award Challenge Project.

This section of the Gold Arts Award means Chesca is working in another art form and out of her comfort zone. Chesca a talented Artist had chosen Dance as her vehicle for her challenge and has entered into the exciting world of Arts Event Planning.

On  December 12th /13th  2010, while most people will be Christmas shopping, Windsor School will host its first ‘Dance Camp’ Organised by Chesca the 2 days will see dancers from Windsor school dance the weekend away with professional artist Corrie Lunghi from the Royal Academy of Dance London.

The students will all pay 10 Euros to attend which will go towards the Afghan Appeal Fund,

Corrie is giving her time free and hopes to enthuse the dancers with her contemporary dance style and technique. She has worked widely in SCE and is a moderator for the Arts Awards Programme.
Rebecca McHugh, also a sixth form student at Windsor is part of Chesca’s team, and will in  fact be helping and teaching dance during the weekend Joy Harris, Performing Arts Consultant SCE is the Adviser for Gold Arts Award and Chesca and Rebecca’s mentor for their qualification. She said:

‘"This is original creative idea which helps raise the profile and provide further opportunities within the art form of dance. We are trying to provide extra curricular arts experiences to support the Afghan Appeal Fund".

Chesca along with her Headteacher Brian Davies has creatively planned an exciting inspiring event. This will contribute to Chesca’s Gold Award which she will use towards her university entrance qualifications.

There are plans for an Art Camp next term where Beth Davies will organise a weekend of Art workshops at Windsor which will she will include as part of her Arts Award Gold.

SCE now have the highest pass rate outside of UK in the National Arts Awards Programme. Gold Award is worth 34 UCAS tariff points.

Most recently SCE talented artists aged 11 who attended the SCE Arts Summer School produced Art work on the theme of Afghanistan for a calendar for the Afghan Appeal Fund.

In partnership SCE, Arts Awards and the Afghan Appeal Fund making a difference through the Arts.

The Afghan Appeal Fund

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